About Hola

In the south of the earth, there is a magical place. It’s Australia! With richest natural resources, and latest technology, the Australians live in harmony with nature and are environment conscious. Century old tradition is still being upheld and passed down from generation to generation. Deep-ingrained morals, good enterprise and self-discipline pave the way to guarantee great quality products – best of Lanolin for gentle protection, Milk brightening properties for skin whitening, Honey for firming and anti-wrinke, Seaweed from pure ocean for moisturising, Tea Tree is best for oil control, Rose replenishing for skin balancing, etc are just at your fingertips.

Our Belife

Trust and uphold the philosophy "For Naturally Healthy Skin" - use the most natural, simplest and most effective ingredients to bring you the most natural and healthy skin care.

Brand Value

FROM NATURE TO NATURE —— From natural resources to create the natural, safe and healthy products.
FROM NATURE FOR NATURE —— Selected best ingredients from natural resources.
LOVE & RESPECT OF NATURE —— Eco friendly packaging to protect nature we love.